Design and draftsman services are offered without any obligation to
have me build it. I design/draft for professionals such as:

-Architects -Interior Designers - Cabinet Shops
-Furniture Makers - Contractors

"Design Process" (applies to kitchens and renovations)


      "It's a way to bring ideas and functionality into perspective. Understanding the limits of budget, materials,  along with time constraints helps us serve you better. We design with an intent, with a purpose. Working together to find ways to make your project "your own" while having it practical, functional,  and yet beautiful."

This is how it works...

Meet and Greet

This is typically the first visit to the site or your home. I come by to meet with you and your S.O.  I'll give you a brief rundown of my work history. The real purpose of the visit is to understand a little more about you and your tastes. It gives us a direction to begin conversations with. We'll iron out the small details in the development stages. Here we want to just get an idea of what it is you're after.

To learn what you like and don't like. What you'd like to gain out of this project.

Schematic Design

This stage is one of my favorites as I get to express my creativity within your unique parameters. Using sketch paper, then computers, I develop  what I believe is the best for your space. Not all my ideas are the best, but it gets the ball rolling and gives us a chance to change direction. I like to have 3 designs normally, but sometimes 2 is enough.

I work through our notes and come up with a minimum of 2 designs

Design Development

At this stage we are all on the same page with the design intent. We'll go into a signed agreement to develop those schemes into buildable blueprints. This takes time and effort but is essential to a solid understanding of the finished product. From home owners to inspectors, right through to the actual builder, we all need these to understand the scope for proper bidding and building. This can be a lengthy process at times, depending on many factors such as size, natural obstacles, deadlines, etc... There are many decisions to be made and it may get overwhelming at times.  I'll personally guide through this as most selections can be default choices we already know. 

Contracted design work.

Completed Set Of Drawings

We're close to things kicking off. At this stage we know what is and isn't going to happen. Once finalized we can begin the actual demo and construction process.  In some cases demolition can begin before the master set is complete. The design contract is exhausted at this stage and we transition to the construction contract. This is outlined on another page.

This is the master set we approve, get permits, and build from.

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