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     My first job was as a "Cabinet maker" in a small custom shop in Newington, Ct.  I actually started sanding  and finishing. Slowly I worked my way up through the ranks learning as I grew. I developed as far as design and broke away from the "shop life" and headed out on my own. With over 18 years experience I am well versed in the kitchen and bath areas as well as finished interiors. I don't typically frame homes, but I can make any framing look good for the finishing touch.

     I am originally from Connecticut (as mentioned) where I met my wife. She was from the "County" and we agreed to move halfway and landed in the Augusta, ME area. We've lived in the central Maine area since 2009. I worked in the Coastal areas serving as a joiner for luxury yachts, and as a cabinet maker for many luxury homes. With our final location change back to Aroostook County, we arrived in Wallagrass  (2017). After a little bouncing around we have purchased a 26 acre farm in Van Buren (2018) where we intend to stay long term and live a fulfilling life raising our own food and serving our local community.

     We are motivated outgoing people always trying to make new connections. If you see us around stop and say hi. We are very active and spend a lot of time outdoors. We play hard, but we earn it with hard work.

     I enjoy helping individual families realize their dreams by providing ease and comfort during the daunting tasks of any remodeling job.  I will ensure you completely understand the entire process. I am an extroverted communicator and love growing my network, lets talk.